Online marketplace where you may profitably sell and buy hashing power
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For miners:
  • Sell your ASIC or GPU-farms’ hashing power
  • Instant payout and the lowest mining fees on the market: 0%
  • No need for a miner to choose which coin to mine and switch between pools. The hashing power trades using the highest price automatically
  • Stay anonymous, no registration required
  • The bitmanager engine uses Go and PHP and supports clustering. Hence, our service withstands massive DDoS attacks and is available at a high SLA 99,8%
Full service information, mining instructions, software download links and more info on payouts and fees:Help center
For buyers:
  • Purchase massive hashing power for cryptocurrency mining, blockchain protection and to support your pools during hashrate slump
  • Instant payout and the ability to cancel all your orders any moment with no loss
  • No limits for order price, you pay only for valid shares
  • Customer-focused service. Our support is 24/7 online
  • Security is our expertise – we do not store all the funds in one wallet, we use hot and cold wallets with multisignature
Buyers’ technical requirements and more info on the marketplace operation:Help center
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